Triamterene is used to remove excess salts from the body, while retaining potassium. It is used to treat swelling due to fluid retention (oedema) in heart diseases (cardiac failure), liver diseases (cirrhosis of the liver) or kidney diseases (nephrotic syndrome), and in edema associated with corticosteroid treatment. They are used alone or in combination with other diuretic which cause potassium depletion.

Triamterene belongs to a class of medicines known as potassium sparing diuretics. It acts by directly inhibiting the exchange of sodium for potassium and hydrogen in the kidney; thus causing excretion of sodium salts and conservation of potassium.

Kidney stones, Skin rashes and bruises., Restlessness, Common: dry mouth, Urination, Bowel incontinence, Spinning sensations, Difficulty in urination, Tingling sensations, Slightly blue colored urine.uncommon: urge to vomit, Low blood pressure, Increased blood uric acid, Tiredness, Frequent urination, Increased thirst, Diarrhea, Changes in blood sugar level, Dizziness, Irregular heartbeats

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