Lithium is used to treat and prevent mania (exaggerated emotions and over-excitability), hypomania (milder form of mania), bipolar diseases (mood changes with alternating periods of elation and depression), and aggressive and self-harming behavior when other drugs are not effective. It is sometimes used for treatment of low white blood count due to cancer treatment and improving urine output in patients suffering from excess antidiuretic hormone (ADH) disease.

Lithium is a mood stabilizing drug. It works by interfering with the production and uptake of chemicals called neurotransmitters in the nerves, thereby restoring its balance in brain.

Decreased memory, Impotence, Decreased libido, Increased frequency of urination, Increased skin and tongue pigmentation., Confusion, Increased thirst, Diarrhea, Fine hand tremors, Muscle weakness, Dry mouth, Mild nausea or vomiting, Headache, Weight gain, Altered taste perception, And kidney abnormalities

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