Hydroxycholoroquine is used in the suppression and treatment of acute attacks (severe and sudden onset) of malaria.?It is also used for the treatment of certain autoimmune diseases.

Hydroxychloroquine belongs to a class of antimalarial drugs. It works via multiple mechanisms that include interfering with enzyme activities, inhibition of messenger chemicals (prostaglandins, interleukin-1, and neutrophil superoxide), inhibition of cellular activity (inhibition of polymorphonuclear cell chemotaxis and phagocytosis) that cause inflammation.

Hearing loss, Intolerance to light, Nausea, Muscular disorder related to nerve damage leading to weakness and muscle wasting or decrease in muscle size, Skin sensitivity to sunlight, Abnormal color vision, Allergic skin reactions., Abdominal pain, Abnormal blood counts, Vomiting, Constantly changing emotions, Muscular disorder, Sensation of spinning, Blurred distance vision, Disorder of heart muscle, Loose motions, Light flashes and streaks, Lightening of hair color, Drug induced abnormal mental condition in which a person gets thoughts that are not real and fits, Ringing in ears, Color changes in skin and mucus membranes, Loss of appetite, Skin and hair loss, Dizziness, Itching, Hair loss, Eye problems including reading and seeing difficulties, Anemia, Headache, Nervousness, Severe skin reactions, Widespread scaling and peeling of the skin associated with itching, Missing or blacked out areas in the central or peripheral visual field

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