Enoxaparin is given as an injection to prevent the formation of blood clots in blood vessels (venous thromboembolism). There is a tendency to form blood clots in patients who had surgery (deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism), heart attack, chest pain (unstable angina) and who had long bed rest post illness. This is also used in patients of kidney failure who are undergoing dialysis.

Enoxaparin is an anti-coagulant belongs to a class of medication called low molecular weight heparin. It works by preventing the formation of new clots in the body and also prevents the existing clots from getting bigger.

Fainting, Pink patches on the skin, Pale skin, Mouth or tongue, Tenderness or swelling in the stomach, Dark red spots under the skin, Swallowing or breathing problems, Changes blood parameters, Tired, Hair loss., Yellowing of eyes or skin, Allergic reaction like swelling on face, Dizziness, Brittle bones, Pain or swelling at the site of injection, Bleeding from the wound, Severe headache, Lips, Headache

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