Dipyridamole is used along with other drugs (eg. aspirin) to reduce risk of blood clots (deep venous thrombosis, recurrent venous thrombosis) which may occur typically after surgeries (e.g. heart valve replacement surgery).

Dipyridamole belongs to a class of drugs called antithrombotic (anticoagulant) drugs with antiplatelet activity. It reduces clot formation by interfering with the activation of platelets that is essential in clot formation.

Dizziness; low blood pressure, Lose motions .uncommon: severe allergic reaction ; fainting; worsening of chest pain and irregular heartbeats ; vomiting; skin rash; chest pain.frequency not known: prolonged bleeding due to abnormally low blood count of platelets ., Common: headache, Sudden reddening with increased heat in face ; urge to vomit

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