Cyproterone belongs to a group of medicines known as anti-androgens. It is used in the treatment ?of prostate cancer, and to control the sex drive in men with hypersexuality (an increased sex drive).

Cyproterone belongs to a class of medications called anti-androgens. It acts by blocking as well as reducing the effects of male sex hormone testosterone in the body.

Dry skin, Restlessness, Increased blood pressure, Fatigue, Breathing problems, Nausea, Loss of hair, Lightening of hair colour, Bleeding inside the abdomen causing pain, Abnormal sperms, Increase in body hair and scalp hair, Sweating, Thinning and weakening of the bones ., Discharge from the nipples, Suppression of adrenal gland function, Problem with erection, Decreased sexual desire, Common: inability to achieve an erection, Breast lumps, Abnormal blood clotting, Depression, Hot flushes, Reversible decrease in sperm production, Fainting or collapse, Heart attack, Tumours of the lining of the brain, Infertility.stroke, Sleepiness, Rash, Development of breasts with nipple tenderness in men, Low haemoglobin or red blood cell, Swelling of the ankles, Liver problems including tumors, Headache, Jaundice, Weight gain, Change in shape of pubic hair

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