Carboprost is medication used in the treatment of severe bleeding after childbirth (post-partum haemorrhage) which has not responded to conventional methods of management including the use of i.v. oxytocin, manipulative techniques such as uterine massage and intramuscular ergot preparations.

Carboprost belongs to a class of medication called prostaglandins. It works by inducing contractions in muscles of womb. Prostaglandins (a hormone-like substance) are produced naturally in the body and play an important role in various activities, including childbirth. It makes the womb contract after delivery and helps it to stay contracted; it thereby stops heavy bleeding from the womb.

Chills or increase in body temperature; bleeding from the uterus, Vomiting, Headache; nausea, Diarrhea; flushing, Hot flushes, And inflammation of the uterus., Placenta or membranes retention

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