Adenosine is used to restore a normal heart rate and rhythm in patients having paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia (very fast heartbeat). It is also used to diagnose tachycardia or to help find the location of the fast heart rate. During a stress test of the heart, it helps by improving blood flow to the heart.

Adenosine belongs to class of drugs called nucleosides. It acts by restoring the heart rhythm. It also relaxes blood vessels supplying the heart and increases blood flow, thereby relieving abnormal electrical activity due to compromised blood flow to heart.

Flushing, Chest pain or pressure on the chest, Or irregular heartbeat, Extra beats, Nausea., Slow, Dizziness or light headedness, Burning sensation at the site of administration, Anxiety, Shortness of breath or the urge to take a deep breath, Skipped, Headache, Delayed

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