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Azathioprine 25Mg

Azathioprine is an immunosuppressant, which is used to prevent rejection of an organ transplant (e.g kidney transplant). It is also used to treat symptoms of rheumatoid arthiritis. It is also used for certain types of ?intestinal diseases ( colitis) like Crohn?s disease and ulcerative colitis.

Azathioprine belongs to class of medications called immunosuppressant?s and acts by reducing the function of the body's immune system response. By suppressing body?s defence system, azathioprine helps to prevent the ?body from fighting and rejecting ?the newly transplanted organ. In chronic inflammatory and autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthiritis, the immune system attacks part of own body as if it were foreign. Azathioprine helps prevent this by interfering with a substance, which is needed for cells to grow and divide.

Reduction in white blood cells, Infection in kidney transplant, Increase in white blood cell, Inflammatory disorder that typically affects the small joints in hands and feet, Nausea, Allergic reactions, Widespread skin eruptions or rash., Infections in kidney transplant, Possibility of infection in patients with inflammatory bowel disease, Low blood pressure, Infection of pancreas, Liver failure, Dizziness, Loss of appetite with occasional vomiting, Malignancy due to complication of transplantation, Abnormally low number of platelets

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