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Amitriptyline 15GM

Amitriptyline is used in the treatment of depression and night time bed wetting (enuresis) in children.

Amitriptyline belongs to class of medication called as tricyclic antidepressant. It acts by changing levels of certain chemicals in the brain (norepinephrine, serotonin) that helps in improving the mood and mental balance.

And drowsiness, And headache, Nausea & vomiting, And tiredness, Difficulty in urination, Changes in sex drive, Abnormal dreams and nightmares, Unsteadiness, Dry mouth, Confusion, Constipation, Blurred vision, And sweating., Burning or tingling sensation or numbness around your mouth or over the hands and feet, Changes in appetite


Ketamine is used as an anesthetic agent during surgical procedures.

Ketamine belongs to class of medications known as general anesthetics. It acts on the nervous system and induces sedation or sleep, immobility and marked analgesia.

Shortness of breadth, Nausea, Hallucinations, Uncontrollable muscle twitch, Nightmares or vivid dreams, Vomiting, Delirium, Hypertension, Double vision

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