The Connection Between the Immune System and the Gut

27-10-2017      Generic Medicines

Just how crucial our immune system is can be lost on us at times. First it’s important to know the basics of what it is and what it does. But we also need to know what it needs and how to keep it strong! We can’t abuse it and take it for granted. Unless it’s actively maintained, it won’t function well and is sure to breakdown.

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Why should we go for Generic Substitutes

05-08-2017      Generic Medicines

Your doctor has prescribed a drug but that particular brand isn’t available in the medical store (or is too expensive). The store chemist, in this case, may look at the chemical composition of the drug and then suggest alternative medicines that have the same salts as the one mentioned in your prescription. For instance, if the doctor has prescribed Crocin, a branded drug commonly used to treat fever and pain, the main salt in the drug is Paracetamol. The chemist may thus suggest another drug – branded or unbranded – that has similar amount of Paracetamol. Unbranded (generic) medicines are generally more affordable and effective but some doctors may prefer prescribing branded Medicines Because the Generic Salts are Not That Convenient to be prescribed.

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