Why and How to Unwind ??

03-08-2017      Unwind

Got a problem to fix but running low on energy? Not feeling one hundred percent? Everyone needs some time just to unwind themselves. Whether this is by having a peaceful sleep or doing something you love to do, everyone needs time for themselves. Follow this guide to unwind, de-stress and chill out, so that you can take a breath and relax.

Take a break from everything

Take a day off to sort out what's bugging you and to have a rest. Nobody can keep going on full throttle without taking a break. Take a moment to sort out your thoughts - write out everything on a piece of paper or in a diary, spill in a private blog, tell your pet bird - whatever works for you, do it. Clear all your worries and problems out of your system, and out of your mind. Organizing your daily routines can be a major step in the right direction. Give yourself enough time to properly do things without rushing so that you can enjoy things. Find out if your job insures any paid sick days or personal days. If they do, use them! It's recommended that you keep a record of your thoughts by writing them down because this helps you to sort through them and also gives you an anchor point for moving forward from.

Breathe and realize that worrying will not solve any of your problems.

To relax, you have to actually try to relax and to give yourself the space and time to do so. Take a few deep breaths and remember that worrying will make things worse, and that you are entitled to find a centered inner place to help you go forward Meditation will help relax both your body and mind. Take 20 deep breaths in and out for a quick mood booster. See wikiHow's various meditation articles for more good tips and tricks on meditating. Seek meditation classes. Sometimes it's easier to learn to relax with other people.

Find something positive about any situation.

Tired? Stressed? Being positive can make a huge difference to your feelings and your outlook on the problems in your way. Remember every con has a pro, and being negative isn't going to help you sort through the options. Acting sarcastic about everything isn't going to give you the right key to unlock solutions. Put down your umbrella and live the sunshine. Positivity is a virus everyone wants to catch, so spread it! Be around positive people. Surrounding yourself with negative people may cause you to feel down. And that doesn't mean hanging around the laugh of the party all the time – it just means finding people who make you feel good when you're in their presence. And don't dismiss everyone who isn't upbeat – be aware that everyone gets a little down now and then over losses in their life; make your decisions about who is good to be around based on knowing people as a whole, not just from an odd occasion. Do something small but valuable for the community. Community service makes you feel good inside, as well as being beneficial for the people you help out. It can be as simple as helping collect your neighbor's mail while they're on vacation to as involved as helping out with the local soup kitchen. Give the time you have. Exercise! Exercising helps you to feel happy, and it is a great stress reliever. Next time you need to unwind, jog around the block or do a few laps in your pool to work off any irritation or stress.

Talk it through.

Talking is definitely one of the best remedies. Whether it's your spouse, your parents, your best friend or your counselor, if decisions you need to make or things you're thinking are just too hard, talk to someone you trust to help you sort through the issues. Speak to someone you know you can always trust, and who is always there for you. Sleep on your problems, and when you wake up, say what you have to say.

Take things slowly - there's no need to rush!

Slow down and enjoy life. Going too fast will wear you out, while going top speed is guaranteed to wind you up, which defeats the purpose of your desire to unwind. Realize that it's not about how fast you can be. It's about the outcome you achieve. The outcome you're aiming for is to unwind, so relax! There's no need to rush - take note of this experience for next time


Even when you're feeling down, smiling can make a big difference to your feelings and to other people's. Trying to be happy when someone is around can make them happy and can lighten up everyone's mood. And if a smile isn't enough, laughter is the best medicine


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