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“One can be said to be in a perfect state of health when one is physically fit, mentally calm and emotionally steady,"

A Daily Date With Yoga

Not much is needed to practice yoga. Like a meeting with a good friend, yoga fits easily into the daily schedule. All yoga requires is a quiet space with ventilation. In our hectic schedules today, practicing yoga is a worthwhile time investment. And the trophy a yogi wins is a simple and lasting smile.

Yoga & the body-breath-mind link

A person could tolerate going without sleep or food for a few days and still remain alive. Yet how long could one go without breathing? Yoga and breathing are linked. With attention on the breath and practicing breathing exercises to boost lung capacity, yoga practice keeps the energy level high. When the body has a high level of prana, the mind is clear and happy. On days one feels lethargic, dull and unenthusiastic, there is a lack of prana. Through daily practice of pranayamas (breathing techniques), one can find oneself with more energy or prana through the day. After your pranayams and yoga practice, even when you do feel tired, you notice you are able to bounce back much faster than before.Prana can be gained through pranayama, fresh foods, deep rest and also through a happy meditative mind.


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